Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday is a Special Day

I was up really early. Like 4:30 early. Something EXCITING is happening today. But, I'm saving that for last! 'Cause I'm a teaser, like that. Don't cheat. You'll be disappointed if you read that part first.

So, since I was already up - I figured I might as well finish my lesson. 'Cause when else would it be that peaceful in the house? You know? And I needed special help on this lesson. It's about the Law of Consecration. I'm not so knowledgeable about that one. I don't really understand it and I have a super smart kids in my class. And what I DO know - I mean presented in certain ways - it sounds . kinda . like . communism. Or is it just me? Is it just me? Did you know tithing is the lesser law? Given because we failed to live the higher Law of Consecration? I didn't know that = total epiphany for me! Oo I could SO work in the story of Moses and the 10 Commandments here. I love it when that happens. So, I call my friend, Barb, not because of THIS, but because of the EXCITING part. But that's coming later. 'Cause she lets me call her at 11pm even when she's doing homework, She's just great that way. I DID mention the tithing vs. law of consecration thing. Only she already knew about the lesser law part, dang it! You know it really stinks to have an epiphany and want to share it with someone and then get, "Yeah, I already knew that." (No offense, Barb, but, you know, still a bummer). She taught seminary for years, she's super smart. In fact, she taught some of the kids in my class. So, they probably already know that, too. So, after a couple of (maybe only 1.5) hours of study, I wish I could say I TOTALLY get it. I don't. But, at least I get it BETTER. Did you know that the Parable of the Talents doesn't apply ONLY to talents. It could also apply to your time, your money, your material possessions. Interesting. Well it IS TO ME. So, I could, partially, maybe, be living the Law of Consecration already? Cool. Okay, on to the next thing.

It's still early So I'll do some financial wizardry aka online banking. And other online fun stuff. Then I had a fun chat with the daughters. Complete with ribbing and laughing. Rare for 8am. The early morning chat, not the laughing. We do that anytime we're awake. But, Saturday morning, at 8, all of us up, with stuff to talk about? Rare!

Okay so, one of the things I have on my agenda this morning is watch the "Catastrophic Injury" video so Heather can play high school sports next year. Because watching it EIGHT times already apparently isn't enough for me to get it through my thick head that YES my child can get injured while playing high school sports. 'Cause that ONE year (I don't remember exactly what year, just that one year) I accused the high school trainer of having me on speed dial. Four kids in high school and EVERY SINGLE ONE of them needs to visit him on a regular basis? COME ON. Only one broken bone though! Yay, me. And the trainer gave Nathan a hard time because he didn't have my work number memorized. Does he not understand that office desk phones DO NOT recieve text messages? Or am I the only one who almost exclusively communicates with their teenagers, while they are away from home, by text message? No text messages = don't need to know THAT number! So I say (sorta jokingly) to the lady at the auditorium door. "If I've seen the video 8 times can I just sign the paper and go?" She laughs and says, "THAT lady has seen it 13 times." !!! Is she a polititian? Did she answer my question? IS THIS A CONTEST? She can HAVE the trophy. "So is that a NO?" "Yes, she says that's a no." So, as we take the papers and try to find a seat, I whisper to Heather, can you forge my signature? "MOM!" Just checking. Good to know, btw. I mean, she IS 16, totally possible, right? "I can just do your initials." hehe. Niiiice. That explains why I never see the progress reports anymore. Good thing my kids all get good grades and I hate initialling those stupid things every two weeks anyway. Then they have the NERVE to make us wait TEN minutes to start the video. Am I the ONLY one with LOTS of things to do? DON'T you ALL have five active kids? Then the video malfunctions. JUSTIFICATION! I don't have to watch the video. I could watch it in Spanish in the other room if I want. (I think I could totally translate if anyone wants) But, we get a lecture instead. At least I hadn't heard it before. I was cool with that ......until it lasted LONGER than the video!!! People, people, people. Give me that stupid parental consent form.

LOTS to do, time to divide and conquer. I leave Heather at the high school, because the free physical thing takes all day and they don't need me for that. Am I the ONLY one that thinks THAT is a little wierd? Keri and Kelly go to a bridal shower. Congratulations, Amber! Nathan and I go to Hailey's 3rd birthday party! Cute little princess niece. Then we meet back up for a wedding reception. Kay Lee, one of my former Young Women. Congratulations! But, STOP GROWING UP!

Now, for the EXCITING part. dun dun dun duuuuun. Tonight .........I . have . a . date! I know, I know. It's probably only exciting to me. But HEY, this is MY blog and I'M excited!


Our Family said...

Jennifer - Good for you! I think it is awesome you are going out on a date! Who is the lucky guy - don't worry, I wouldn't know him anyway! Love your blog Jen! You really have a talent with your stories! Gosh - I was getting irritated just reading how you had to go through that stupid video, delay delay etc.! - glad I wasn't there! I wanted to forge your sig. Maurine

Jess! said...

I hope you had a great time!


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