Sunday, May 3, 2009

Date Follow-Up

OK. So, I'll start off by saying I met this guy on LDS Singles Online. And needless to say I was a little nervous about meeting him in person. Turns out his sister is in my Ward!!! I had his nieces in Young Women!!!
SMALL SMALL world. (Can you say small in big letters? Is that allowed?) His nephew just went on the same trip to Salt Lake that my girls went on. WEIRD. Sorta' took the "is he a mass murderer" pressure off. What was he like? Tall, smart, very gentlemanly, opening the door and everything. Will I ever have to worry about how he treats me? Nope. And that's REALLY important to me. Any drawbacks? Well, lets just say that he would never survive a game of softball in the pasture at Granny's. Anyone who has ever played games with the Mendenhalls or the Boston sisters will KNOW what I'm talking about. For those of you who haven't - let me just say - alpha females. We would eat . him . alive. Is that important? I don't know yet. Jury's still out. I mean, I don't have to decide after ONE date, right? So, what do you think, how long should I wait before I invite him and his daughter over for a bit of games, blood and carnage?


Jeanette said...

Right away! I'm hungry for some new meat! haha

Our Family said...

Sound great Jennifer! Loved getting the scoop on your date - perhaps stay away from ball games with him for a while - don't want to scare him off!You deserve a gentlemen - way to go. Sooo weird you have all those connections....could that be a sign? Hmmmmm? :)


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