Wednesday, May 27, 2009

umm Missionary Mon-Wednesday x2

Cool! Thanks for the pictures!
And tell Nathan good luck for me! Hes gonna need it!
This week we went to Margate for PDay ... thats why i didnt get to email then ... but i got some really cool photos of me and Elder Tandberg with a big python that we saw at a snake park. It was a big one! But i didnt bring the camera with so i cant send them today ...
I hope everything else is going well ... Tell the girls to have fun on their summer break
I love you Mom
Elder Mendenhall

The kids all asked me a while ago to find Zulu names for them ... but i still need to know what each of their names mean in english so that i can have a Zulu translation. I need both the first and middle name incase some dont make sense as a name. Like my first name means manly and the closest thing in Zulu is just man "indoda" but thats not much of a name. My middle name however does have a translation thats more of a Zulu name ... a warrior is "ibutho" but the plural form 'Mabutho" is a good zulu name. So ask anyone who wants one to let me know.
Elder Mendenhall

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