Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rain Rain go away

Its been raining all this week. And not like Arizona rain either, no its been cold and windy with tiny small drops. Makes me miss monsoons.

Im sorry i wasnt able to write on Monday. We went down to Margate and it is exorbitently expensive so we waited to do it for free when we got back to Toti.

My week has been a pretty good week. Except that i slipped and fell, thanks to the rain, and hurt my wrist again. But thankfully i had the brace on or it could have been really bad. As it was it just hurt for a few days but its fine now.

Yesterday we had 5 hours of service helping somebody move. They weren't very nice to us AND it was raining AND they hed a monstrous piano without any handholds. So we were't very happy at all. It was probably one of the worst moves i can ever remember. Especially when the son (he was the one who was the not nice one [plus he smokes which bothers my chest]) tried to dictate everything. He realy didnt know that much about what he was doing either. How can he presume to think that he knows more about packing and moving than me? Nathan, Dad, and I were semi-professional movers for the Church for EVER! Not to mention our own moves! Then again the family didnt pack very well. Hardly any boxes mostly bags and what not. So i was pretty unhappy with the whole affair. I dont know if we'll be helping again since it STILL isnt finished. But if they come calling i wont be able to say no.

Tomorrow is Family Day. We dont even know if the venue we want to do our sports at will let us yet. We'll find out later today. But since it might be raining i dont know if it will happen anyway. Nuts! I've put a lot of work into this! But it was for the ward anyway and at least now they may have an idea of what to do for next time. Heather's idea about the slip and slide was a really good one. But the kids will be freezing from the cold rain so i wont be able to use it.

Transfers come up in two weeks. 95% sure im leaving. Well it should be 100% sure except that i dont want to so im holding on to that 5%, whether its real or not.

I love you guys.
Elder Mendenhall

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