Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Zulu Names

I dont remember if i ever sent these to you guys. If i did then please forgive me. If not then here they are:

Jennifer= white or fair = Mpofu [pronounced im-po-foo]
Lynn = lake = Ugu (there arent any lakes near Zululand so its a really deep word nobody knows) [pronounced oo-goo but the g sound is harder almost like a k sound]

Nathan = gift from God = Siphosenkhosi [ see-po-sen-ko-see] or just Sipho (gift)
James = there isnt a Zulu equivakent to James or Jacob, they are just proper names in the Bible

Keri = dark or dark haired = Mnyama [ m-n-ya-ma] (that probably didnt help much)

Kelly = female warrior = Qhawekazi [q-ah-way-ka-zee]
Marie = bitter = Muncu [moon-c-oo]

Heather = flower = Mbali [im-ball-ee]
Lori = famous strength = Amandla [a-mahn-dla]

A few notes. Mbali and Sipho are very common names. Mpofu is known. But the rest are pretty rare. To make a "q" sound you have to click. Put your tongue on the roof of your mouth and cluck by breaking the vacuum between the tongue and palette. A "c" is also a click which you make by putting your tongue to your teeth and doing the same action. Almost like a granny waving her finger at a small child telling them not to do whatever they were doing. "dl" you just have to pronounce at the same time the d and the l.

Have fun!

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Jennifer said...

Great! I have poo in my name. Lol. Guess I can where those Winie-the-Pooh sweats with STYLE now.


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