Sunday, September 27, 2009

First Football Game

I went to my first football game on Friday. It wasn't the first game it was actually the fifth but it was homecoming so I thought I would go. At first I was hanging out with my friend Ashlea but she has some friends who aren't exactly the best people to hang out with so I went and hung out with Lucy, who is also Mormon, and some of her friends who I have in class and some of them were also Mormon. It was so much better. I got there and this girl in my English class who people call E-liz, cause her name is Elizabeth, said to me ,"It's Rachel right?" I luaghed and said "No it's Heather," because she's called me Rachel a lot. But it was so much more fun hangging out with people who weren't swearing and were there having good clean fun.

It's also way more fun when your schools team is a winning team (no offense Andrew and Nathan) but it's was way more intertaining. We didn't just win we smashed them we won 47 to 7. It would have been 47 to 0 but at the very end they scored a touch down. And I'm assuming they got a feild goal because I don't think a single touch down gives you 7 points. But I had a good time and I might go to other home games from now on.

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Jennifer said...

Lol. Clearly you haven't been paying attention. How many football games did I drag you to?


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