Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Music to a mother's ears

Hi Jennifer,
Thanks for your help. Andrew said that you will be able to help. I have alot of work to do and it is worrying me. I am going to the Temple in December to be sealed to my husband and my daughter. My husband passed away a year ago. Still miss him very much. I have already registered, but not sure how to go about getting started. Do I have to work on line and start from scratch? The Sister that used to help us with family records also passed away last year. I really will appreciate your help.
It has been nice getting to know your son, just a pitty that he is being transferred this week. We are going to miss him. His is a super guy.
Take care and will talk later.

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The Royal Family said...

thanks for stopping by my blog on my special sits day, and for your comments.

Did you enter either of my two giveaways?

the buzz,


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