Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Keri's not so awesome week

So classes are just classes and while I like all of them they definately don't qualify as the highlight of my week. This week my astronomy lecture teacher posted the grades we got on our midterms. Since this class you have to get 150/150 on all the practice tests and a pretty decent grade on the tests I am really struggling. If I only miss five questions on the practice tests I get a D on it. I am such a procrastinator so I am not reading my textbooks like Im supposed to. The final was 75 questions and since I had only read one chapter in its entirety out of four and my average for the practice tests was a D because I kept missing one question on each and totally forgot to take one of them, I was expecting to get a D on the mid-term. Sure enough when I looked at my grade when it was posted it said 67 for the midterm. Thankfully I found out that the number wasn't the percent but the number of questions I got right out of 75. That gave me a high B. Close shave there. All my other classes are super easy. I either rarely get homework or there are lots of assignments to make up for if I bomb one. Not my astronomy lecture. My whole grade is practice tests and tests and they are all weighted super heavy that I am probably gonna get a B in that class.

Last Thursday Kelly and I had to take our computer down to the techy fix it place because some stupid anti-virus software that we are not even paying for would not let us on 3/4 of the sites we need for school because they were "unsafe". WHATEVER!!! If I am not paying to use you get off my computer. Unfortunately we could not uninstall the stupid thing so we took it to the tech place. This also leaves us without a computer so we spend our time down in the computer lab on the first floor. While the computers are totally up to date they charge for printing. Hopefully ours will be fixed before I need to print something.

The highlight of my week was definately conference. Lots of good talks even though I didn't get notes from alot of them.


keriface said...

Oh and I almost forgot. Today I had to go get my astronomy disk out of the computer. After going all the way to south campus and back to my dorm, I find out that the computers in the computer lab don't have a place for disks. Why? I have no clue. That is just irritating!!!

Jennifer said...

Aw. Sorry you had a rough week. But, looking forward to seeing you guys this weekend for Jill's wedding.


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