Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Nothing new .. except everything

So another week of the same old stuff.
We get up and study in the morning. Then we end up trying to do some kind of service. The same lady who made me so mad last week (or the week before?) still needs to move some stuff before its gets forcibly moved by someone else. So we have to save the day again. Even though this lady doesnt like us and apparently talks about us behind our backs. Eish! The one thing i will not miss about this area is all the drama! People are constantly trying to make a big deal out of nothing!

A note about the natural disaster in the Indian Ocean. I know you were worried mom but we didnt get a single thing out of it. Unless some of the rainy/windy weather is from that.

Also the new stuff this week is that im getting transferred! One nice thing about emailing late is that you can get the news just a day after me instead of a week! Im moving to kwaDabeka. Its a township near to Pinetown i think. Pinetown is where we always have our massive missionary meetings (thats a lot of m words) and its pretty close to the Mission Home. I really dont want to leave this place beacuse i've met so many awesome people here. But i will be glad to get away from the drama. Although i have been promised by a few people a place to stay if i ever come back. I've been thinking about it and it would be pretty sweet for Mom at least to see where i've been. But that will be expensive so its probably just a dream. But if i work hard and not buy too many video games i think i'll be able to ... I dunno

So next week you'll all get to read about me new area!

Oh, conference: again i got to see everything except the sunday afternoon session. Even though the internet kept me from seeing pieces of some of the sessions, particularly sunday morning. ut i did get to see President Monson's talk in that session so its all good.

I love you guys.
Elder (Andrew) Mendenhall

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