Monday, November 9, 2009

I keep forgetting to do this (Keri)

So I decided that I would put my name in the title because everytime I read someone elses I don't know who it is. I can't really remember what I posted last so I'll just do the exciting stuff I can remember. This last weekend Kelly and I went down to Payson...that is so wierd to say...usually we have to climb the hill not go down it...anyway we went to Payson to visit the family...ok actually we went to do laundry and pick up the X-men Origins: Wolverine movie that mom got from netflix. Well...they were going to return it and I wanted to see be quiet. (You do realize that you can not return the Stardust movie when you get it either mom) Then we came back Sunday morning because the institute choir was taking a field-trip to Holbrook to do a choirside(apparently thats what you call firesides that are mostly singing). Technically Kelly and I are not in the choir but we are awesome and went anyway. For those of you thinking how did they manage that............ we are awesome!!! AND in my math class even if I get a 0% on my final I still pass with like a 74%!!!! I can't fail the class!! IN YOUR FACE!!! So total bummer...for IWA (its kinda like the sorority for the institute) stands for Institute Womens Association...there is a girl ask guy formal dance coming up....the only guy I know that would actually go with me might have hockey that night...bummer!!! Oh well its not like I actually have a formal dress to wear anyway.

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