Monday, November 9, 2009

Missionary news

My week

On monday we went miniature golfing as a zone. That was ok. But going to a mall really isnt very fun.Work the reast of the days wasnt out of the ordinary. But we did a bunch of service this week. Well it was really just one project but it has taken all week. It was a tree that we needed to cut down that was HUGE! We broke the axe so we had only a hatchet so it took forever. But we dug out all the roots though. Tomorrow we will yank it out

Today we went to another mall and raced go karts. Oh man i LOVE racing! It was so much fun! But my arms are really sore from yanking on the steering wheel.It has been Arizona hot these past few days. Only today was it nce the other days were scorchers.But we have a baptism scheduled for the 29th of Nov and two more for the 13 of Dec

I love you Mom
Elder Mendenhall

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