Monday, January 25, 2010

Missionary News

I am in KwaDabeka so yes you remembered correctly. I got a new companion this week. Elder Mbaiwa got transferred to the office, he is the new financial secretary. We figured he would go there sometime since he graduated from college as an accountant and even worked for a firm for a while but we didn't think he would leave so soon.

My new companion is Elder Mutariswa, from Harare, Zimbabwe. He has been out three weeks so im training him too. President Mann said he needed a change of scenery from his last area (in Mpumalanga where i served last year). Basically his last comp didnt talk very much so neither did Elder Mutariswa and it just didnt work out very well. Plus on his very first day someone pulled a knife on them so President wanted him to be with somebody who was too big to get robbed and talks too much. Naturally im the first on that list.

Otherwise everything is fine. Its always a bit crazy when you get a new comp, especially a young one, but its fun nonetheless.

As far as my birthday is concerned. Putting money on the card is more than ok. Also if money is tight i dont really need anything. You sent two Christmas presents already so please dont strain your budget to get stuff for me. I would rather you were able to focus on the girls and Nathan. The church takes good care of us so i would feel really bad to add to the strain you are already under.

Khulekani is the same one that i baptized and he became the YM prez. He is the one preparing for mission now. My other recent baptisms are doing very well. Mzwandile, the powerful one i told you about before who was baptized in early december, continues to do so very well. He is finding plenty of friends, both male and female as he is single and there are so many beautiful YSA in our ward. Hopefully he will get a calling very soon.

I think i told you before that my favorite food is Jeqe and beans. Jeqe is steamed bread. So bread and beans is my favorite, go figure. There are monkeys everywhere! But mostly just by my boarding. They dont go to the townships too much. Maybe the Zulus kill them too much and there probably isnt nearly enough rubbish lying around to attract them. They like to break into apartments with open windows and such.

I miss you. Only 6 months to go.
I love you Mom.

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