Sunday, January 24, 2010

To Andrew from Mom

You're in KwaDabeka? Is that right? I was on your Facebook the other day cleaning out all your game invitations and one of your "friends" asked me where you are and I couldn't remember. Embarrassing.

I haven't sent out your birthday package yet. I know its getting late. I have enough $ to mail an empty box. But not to put anything in it yet. So I was thinking about just putting the $ in your account. Is that lame? Would you rather have a package even if its really late?

I understand from the Piers that one of the guys you taught is getting his papers ready so he can serve a mission. That's exciting! Apparently he had to cut off his dred locks. Is this the same guy who became the Young Men President right after he was baptized?

Sounds like you're having lots of baptisms in your current area. What are they like? The people I mean. Are they still coming? Have they made friends at church?

What's your favorite African food? Do you eat with the members a lot where you are? Are there still a lot of monkeys there? Or was that only in some areas?

Payson got 9" snow in the last few days. The highway was closed so I'm in Glendale this weekend. NAU was hit pretty hard too I don't know how many inches they got. But campus was closed a couple days. We got 5 or 6 inches of rain here in the valley. I think that's a whole years worth in one week!

Ok that's enough for now.
Love you. Mom

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