Sunday, March 28, 2010

Missionary News - Nathan

Yes, transfers are six weeks and I came in at the very beginning of one. Brisbane is my first area. There is actually another set of missionaries in the ward and we rotate with the car and the bikes. It's been tons of fun so far and if anyone wants to ask me anything or tell me anything just have them tell you so that you can put it in the e-mail. We watch Conference the week after it happens and just go to the Church building. The ward is the Brisbane Ward, and it's pretty cool. The Bishop is from India - Saturday night at dinner we learned a lot about India. We'd gone over to one of the members houses and they invited the Bishop and his family over as well. It was really cool. For the most part I can understand the accent but every once in a while I won't have any idea what they said.

Love ya lots. Nathan

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