Monday, March 29, 2010

Missionary News - Andrew

I got transferred again. There was a shortage of missionaries so the area had to be closed temporarily. It happens all the time it was just my turn this time. Now i'm working in Stanger which is only about an hour south of where i first started mission almost 2 years ago. Its a mixed area but Zulus and Indians this time, hardly any whites. I ate Indian food in the traditional manner, with my hands, for the first time on Saturday night. Indian cuisine is cury, if you know what that is. If not its rice with meat in a spicy sauce. So i ate that with my fingers. It was pretty interesting but thankfully Elder Schmitz, who i worked with in Amanzimtoti, already taught me the theory of eating this way so it was easy.
I do like getting Nathan's emails. It'll be another 2 years until i see him so it's all i have for now.
My new companion is Elder Bentley from Salt Lake City.
Another funny thing: My diet at home consists of all the foods you used to make us as kids. Peanut butter and jelly, egg sandwiches, hot dogs, chips. Is so funny that even though i can cook so much i go back to the quick easy and cheap things i have always known and i continue to enjoy them!
With the psychology i'm thinking probably family counselling or maybe something along the lines of youth counselling type stuff. Maybe criminal psychology since i remember a little bit from when Jill took that class before, the one about criminals and their minds and what not.
How are you doing? Is there anything new happening? How is work and church going?
Ask Nathan what the name of the ward is and if there is a Wynder family there. Wynder is e Edler in this mission from Brisbane.
I love you Mom.
I mean it.

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