Sunday, April 4, 2010

Missionary News - Nathan

That is so awesome, Keri. I'm extremly jealous right now. Have fun at the Easter pageant.

At least you got to see some of Conference live. I'll have to wait till this weekend to watch it. It looks like Matthew is doing good after his surgery. I can't believe that Tanner will be 12 and David 8, it makes ME feel old. At least it's only six mandatory furloughs per year. Are you able to decide when those are, or are they on set days?

On the bus ride from the MTC to Salt Lake [airport] there were about 20 missionaries but then we all split up to be on seperate flights. There was one other Elder and three Sisters in our travel group. The flight to LA was about an hour and a half and we had about three hours of layover. Then the Flight to Brisbane was thirteen and a half hours LONG. I was only able to get about three hours or so of sleep so it made it seem a whole lot longer. Things are still going really good. Went on two trade-offs this last week because my companion is the District Leader. It was a little different working with someone else but it was good.
Love ya. Nathan

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