Friday, March 5, 2010

A New Nephew

I'm an aunt... again.  Here's Dad and little Thomas.
All pink and pretty and the lungs working.
See Heather in the back there?  Heather wants to be a NeoNatal Nurse so we high tailed it down from Payson to be there for all the action.
And even after witnessing all the gory medical stuff she still wants to be a nurse.  So, I guess that must really be her calling.  Me? not so much.  I spent almost as much time in the waiting room with my Dad as I did in the actual delivery room.  I'm definitely not cut out to do anything medical.

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m a k i l a said...

Hi! Please congratulate Gordon and Jeanette for us. My husband, Chad, was friends with Gordon about 4 years ago. It was back when we had our first son (Thomas!) and Jeanette had just had Hailey (I think).


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