Sunday, May 16, 2010

My last Sunday teaching Ponderosa Beehives

One looking sweet.
One looking silly.
Today was my last Sunday teaching the Beehives in the Ponderosa Ward.  What a fun calling it has been!  I'm sure going to miss they're smiling faces, they're silliness and they're non-stop talking!  They're such a great group of girls.  They remind me so much of my own girls at that age.  At the end of class, they changed the words to the Primary Welcome song and sang "Goodbye, Goodbye, we're sad to see you go."  Brought tears to my eyes.  It's a good thing my parents will still be in this ward and I can come back and visit.  I love you guys.

1 comment:

JustRandi said...

Oh, I LOVE beehives! That is one of my favorite callings! You'll miss them as much as they miss you!!
But new adventures are fun, too...


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