Sunday, June 6, 2010

Family News

Not a whole lot going on this week. Co-ed volleyball started and I feel like I haven't played in several years. I'm so out of shape. The trek is coming up faster than we have time to prepare for. I'm enjoying being back in the ward. Hope that feeling doesn't fade. Everything is going well at work. The new fiscal year starts July 1. When our mandatory furlough days will begin and we will no longer be getting our performance bonuses. Which adds up to a 5% pay cut for the year. It stinks but I just keep reminding myself that I still have a job. And I'm thankful for that. Keri and Heather are enjoying working at the daycare and having spending money. I've only heard briefly from Kelly I assume all is well in Colorado.
Love you lots  Mom
I've given up hope of ever being a good photographer, but I wanted to capture both boys while they were still hanging together in the hall. hehe

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