Sunday, June 20, 2010

Family News

Last chance to use a real bathroom.

Trek I for Heather, Trek II for Keri.  Don't I take great pictures?

Mom, how many times do I have to tell you - Don't take my picture until I'm ready.

Ok, now I'm ready.  Cheese!

Gotta eat a hearty breakfast so I can walk ALL day - pulling a handcart
in a DRESS, no less, (and hiking boots) hehe.

Mom, why do we need an "after" picture? I just want a shower.

I attached a couple of Trek pictures. Keri and Heather got back Saturday. They, of course, had a blast even though it was hard. Bro. Barnes did the rifles again. Brother and Sister Lowry and their kids were in the "Indian camp." I saw some really cute pictures on Sis. Lowry's FB of her kids with face paint and everything. FUN! They went to a different place than Phx West had gone. I guess the trail was more level but a lot more rocky, making the pulling of the cart very jerky. Keri and Heather both say they have bruises on their hips.  The women's pull was too short for Keri. But, she said she had a lot of little people in her family making it hard to pull their cart. One of Sis. Lowry's kids thought Sis. Cathcart's name was Sis. Handcart. haha.

I gave my first Relief Society lesson today. It went pretty well, I think, but I didn't get to finish. Which surprised me because when I read the lesson I didn't think their would be enough material to fill the time.
Love Mom

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