Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Missionary News - Nathan

My new area is just south,barely, of Nambour and is basically a lot of forest and little bit of towns. All though part of it is right on the beach and is fairly populated. But it takes to many kilometers to get out there so we don't go there very often. Just about everyone here is Aussie, I've only seen a few polys but there might be more around. My companion is the second of I think six from about 15 minutes south of Salt Lake. He's a lot of fun and a very hard worker, and the District Leader. We had to switch P-Day because Monday was the Queen's birthday. With almost all of the shops closed it would have been hard to do our shopping and we wouldv'e had to do our emails some other day. Yesterday was President Richards last Zone Conference and it was really good. I think that he was a little sad to be leaving but he looks super tired so it will be good for him. Everything is going really well.
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