Monday, June 14, 2010

Missionary News - Andrew

The World Cup has affected us a lot. We comletely changed tactics and its worked so far, 10 new investigators this week from watching games with members and introducing their friends to the gospel. And that was only 2 games!

Thursday begins my last transfer. Pres and Sis Mann go home in 2 or 3 weeks, so during my last transfer but not at the same time as me. Pres called this week to tell me im gonna be District Leader again. Probably to help me to finish strong, which will probably work. The World CUp and a new mission president isnt making that easy at all.

Can you check on my home card? I tried to withdraw some money this week and i couldn't which is weird since it allowed me to check the balance first. I will try a different ATM today so if you see a withdrawal on this day then you'll know it was just one faulty atm. Also since the card says it expires in July 2010 can you find out if that means 1st of July or 31 of July? Then we can plan for that.

Everything else is going very very well. We have plenty of really awesome people to teach and some are even coming to Church. Hopefully very soon we'll challenge quite a few of them to baptism.

I love you Mom.

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