Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Missionary News - Nathan

[Ok, so I was a little premature (big surprise, right?)  It's TRANSFER WEEK, so I got my missionary email late last night.  Also, according to fellow Missionary Mom, Deanna.  It IS possible to send pictures.  Thank you Deanna for the comment/tips on yesterday's post about sending pictures in a smaller size.  And my RM, Andrew, agreed that it probably just depends on where he is serving and what the computers are like.  Now for the part you actually came here for: Nathan's email.]

Are all three of them in the same dorm room? The pictures that you sent were good. Thanks so much. Hope Andrew gets the job. Is he doing anything else? I'm still in Forest Glen and my new companion is Elder Lunt from Claifornia. Everything is going good. We are going through another finding phase and there is going to be a lot of door knocking. Which e mail is it that you would like me to resend. Is that one for the 23rd, or the week before.

Love ya lots,

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