Monday, August 30, 2010

No News

No news from the missionary in Australia - again.  I'm going to assume that sending pictures via email isn't going to work.  The emails just don't go through.  Who would have thought you could send pictures to South Africa no problem, but to Australia? No go.


Deanna said...

Our son is currently serving in the Australia Brisbane Mission and we send pictures back and forth via email all the time. You may need to resize the pictures so they are much smaller--say, 30 percent of the original size--so that they don't take up so much memory and don't take so long to load. (There have been a couple of areas where he wasn't able to sent pictures due to the inadequate computers in the library. That could be the problem too, I guess.) Good luck!

Jennifer said...

Thank you, Deanna. It's good to know that it is possible! Maybe we'll have better luck next time. Where is your son currently serving?

Deanna said...

Our son, Elder Whitby Johnson, is currently serving in Raceview, about 45 minutes south of Brisbane. Raceview was his first area and he is back serving there for a second time. He also served in Beenleigh, Tallai (on the Gold Coast), and Karawatha. He is currently serving in a Samoan ward. He has been out 20 months now. Your son sounds good! I hope you are soon able to send/receive pictures.


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