Sunday, October 17, 2010

Super Sunday

The girls are home today!  Its SO much fun to have them here.  Laughing, talking, giggling, talking, talking, talking.  Haha.  I had to take pictures while the taking was good.  So, ignore the fact that Kelly and Heather have towels on their heads and Keri is wearing a shirt that proclaims her to be Heather, and the bunny ears and the tongue sticking out.  That's just how we really are.

I have no idea why the date on the pictures is 10-11.  I guess that's what happens when you take the batteries out.  I'll figure out how to fix it later.


The Story of Life said...

It is fun to see pictures of your kids just hanging out. I'm sure that it brings you great joy having them home for a visit. They look like they are good friends!

Jalaire said...

I love how much fun your kids always have when they are together. I hope my girls one day reach the point where they are pals instead of competitors. Good job, Mom!


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