Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Missionary News - Nathan

Yes, Everything got soaked. Thankfully When I came up to Forest Glen six months ago one of the other Elders had just gone home and left his rainjacket. The blessings of inheritance.

There is nothing like Thanksgiving here so we just have to hope that we manage to talk one of the American members into having us over for dinner.

That is really good to hear about James. He'll have to get used to never being dry with all the rain that happens over there. Holy cow! I just realized that I'll almost be at my year mark when he leaves. Man it flies by so fast.

Had a hungi on Saturday for the Ward Christmas Party. A hungi is where they cook the pig in the ground. My companion and I were the ones that dug the pit. It was a lot of and there where a few non-members there so it was a success.

Next week I'll be e-mailing on Tuesday because on Monday is the Mission Christmas Party. What is the plan for calling? I was thinking about calling you on your Christmas Eve evening, that way everybody can be there.
Love ya lots,

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