Tuesday, February 1, 2011

about that cyclone...

You know the one Nathan mentioned in his last email?  It's called Cyclone Yasi.  Here's a satelite picture of it.

and a quote (both picture and quote from msnbc.com)

"This storm is huge and it is life-threatening," Queensland Premier Anna Bligh said. "I know many of us will feel that Queensland has already borne about as much as we can bear when it comes to disasters and storms, but more is being asked of us — and I am confident that we are able to rise to this next challenge."

Nathan is in Burpengary.  See that part of Australia that sticks out furthest to the east?  It's in there somewhere.  Burpengary is about 50 kilometers (about 30 miles) north of Brisbane according to Google Maps a 45 minute drive.  Brisbane is not currently in the path of the cyclone.

I guess Nathan will have some good stories to tell when he gets home from his mission.  Flooding... cyclones...

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