Sunday, February 20, 2011

Missionary News - Nathan

Yes I do remember the Bowlers. They are the ones that taught my temple prep class. That is certainly an interesting way to go. Yes, two of the baptisms were the twins; Nuku and Waha. Then there was Kate who was really fun to teach. She and my former companion were racing to see who could finish the Book of Mormon first and she destroyed him. It was kinda funny. This last week has been pretty hectic. Spent most of the week trying to get things finalized for the baptisms. That ended up taking way too much of our time but someone had to do it. It is a lot of fun having a new companion. You get to play all kinds of pranks on them with the members. What makes it really fun is when you set it up with the members and then they forget, or you forget, or it doesn't quite work out like it is supposed to. Those are the really good moments. That is pretty cool about Nate. Those guys are lot better than we ever were. We just kept to ourselves and answered questions as they came. We never thought to take that one extra step and invite them to meet with the missionaries.
Love ya lots,
P.S. This is my companions second week in the field.

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