Monday, April 4, 2011


Remember the Emergency Broadcast System?

I made this image for myself.  I'm going to put it as my phone background so I'll see it A LOT.  It's a reminder for me of one of the General Conference talks that I liked - Saturday afternoon session, Pres. Boyd K. Packer.  Go here if you'd like to watch, hear or read it, scroll down until you find his name. 
Anyway, the purpose of the "reminder" is so that when life gets tough  or sins become too tempting I can tell myself This is a test, this in only a test.  I know that the competitiveness in me will then step up to the plate and say, "bring it on!" and maybe I'll endure my trials and resist temptations a little better. 
What do you think?  Will it work?
Do you make yourself reminders?  Was there a memorable part of General Conference for you?
Do you even know what General Conference is?

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