Sunday, April 17, 2011

Missionary News - Nathan

Yeah I got a pair of slip-ons because I was tired of having to untie and retie my shoes everytime I went in a house. Yes I got my package on Saturday and loved the thin mints. They have something a little similar to that here. They are called mint slices and they are still really good when frozen. The tortillas were excellant and the pants fit. Thanks. Things have been going pretty well. We have been going through the ward list and visiting all of the unknowns and it has been pretty good. New callings huh, that should be fun. Speaking of which we finally got a Ward Mission Leader on Sunday. We'd been the last five weeks without one. It was kinda funny. They read in the families records and then call him as the Ward Mission Leader. I guess that is what happens when your father-in-law is the Young Mens President and knows that you are coming.
Love ya lots,

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