Sunday, November 27, 2011

kick brawl cancelled :(

So Grandpa bought pvc pipe and we made marshmallow guns!
Good shot Grandma

they got to design and build their own, with a little help

What do you mean this is Grandma's gun!?

Look out Thomas, that's the working end.

hehe, how long til we go to the park?

pfft, move over scarecrows I want a marshmallow gun

"Mom, why do we always have to line up for a picture?"

"Cause it's tradition.  Just smile."

Andrew hurt his ankle and was an easy target, he was surrounded by spent marshmallows.  So, he ate his good marshmallows and shot the used ones back at the other shooters.  haha

I wasn't very good at getting action shots.  But, boy did we have fun!

Even Grandma.

Is he sucking or blowing?

Believe it or not the marshmallows went far and fast, and will actually leave a welt.  Who would have thought?  Just as much fun as kick brawl.  Thanks Grandpa!


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