Tuesday, December 27, 2011


The view of the Mogollon Rim from Mom and Dad's back window.

Still enough snow in the backyard to make ice balls.
If you peg your little sister in the eye is it still called a bulls eye?

"Grandma, I help you!"

Kelly and Hailey

Keri and Heather

Cookie Monster

Lots of fun kids

David and Matthew taking their turn with the xbox kinect

Kelly and Hailey

Andrew and Jeanette

Me, Keri and Heather

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Anonymous said...

Jennifer, sorry to highjack your blog, but could you email me. I have been trying to set up a blog for Shelbey. He is headed for Canada in February, for his mission. Just had some questions. Have been following your blog since Andrew was on his mission. So I am trying to 'copy' your layout. This is Jonni/Gary King at kdaarch@msn.com


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