Monday, July 9, 2012

YW camp certification stuff

We were 15 minutes early!!! For teenage girls on a Saturday morning (and taking into account Mormon standard time) that's pretty much a miracle! 

The bell at the Korean Memorial where we met for the actual flag ceremony.

A special thank you to Don, Jerry and Ray for making it possible for us to do this at the State Capitol.
And also thank you to Bro. Brinegar for his shared knowledge.

Waiting for the guys to remove the POW flag before we started.

Heather giving the "DO NOT let the flag touch the ground" lecture or else we'll have to practice the flag burning ceremony too and I didn't research that one!

Josie and Megan learning how to fold the flag.

all the crazies who gave up their Saturday morning

aren't they beautiful?!
so glad I get to hang with the YW occasionally
thanks Heather for letting me be your unofficial counselor

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