Saturday, November 10, 2012

Missionary News - Kelly



I am alive e estou bem. I am having a blast. There are 6 elders em tenho district e sou the only sister. I have o companiera em another district, but she is 4 weeks ahead of me. Starting Sunday we will have the same schedule so the only time we will be apart is class times...which is like 6 hours a day...but we're just down the hall. The food here is moito bem. We sit at a table with all the Portuguese speaking pessoas in our zone and they are super awesome. I found out how to pronounce tenho missou....Belem-sounds like Beleng an m makes an "ng" soung like at the end of sing. So estou bem means I'm Fine and sounds like esto bang.

I only memorized your e-mail address so if you could at least share my new e-mail with everyone so they can write me and I can write them back. Tell Dad that I thought I knew his e-mail, but I'm not completely sure so I didn't send one to him. Por Vavor Disculpe.

My mailing address is:

Sister Kelly Marie Mendenhall
MTC Mailbox #
2005 N. 900 E.
Provo, Utah 84604-1793

I ran into a little snag when I got here because my instructions are for Brazil and they said not to bring a towel but in Provo you have to provide your own, but luckily the bookstore had some I could buy. The hardest part is coordinating always having an escort. Because I'm a solo sister I have to either be with my companion or with at least 2 elders or sisters at all times. The first couple of days my schedule is a little different from my companion so I have to make sure that my district elders know when and where to meet us so they can escort me to class and lunch or new missionary meetings while she goes on P-Day or to the temple or her meetings. On Sunday we will be on the same schedule so the only time I will need the district elders is during class time. When we teach investigators I am just put with one of the companionships in my district. All the elders are really great even if they are 2x as tall and 2 years younger.

Starting next week my P-day will be on Friday.

Moito Amo
Sister Mendenhall

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