Friday, November 16, 2012

Missionary News - Kelly

This week has been pretty busy. We spend at least 6 hours a day in our classroom learning Portuguese and preparing to teach our investigators. I met an Elder Mendenhall. His calling is to play the organ at the Tuesday night devotionals. We went to the temple today and it was great. While waiting for our laundry we played games and wrote letters. The building that I sleep in has been working on the top floor. Checking the fire alarms I think. So my companion and I moved the first day I was here so we could sleep in the same room, and then yesterday they told us to move our stuff upstairs so they could work on our floor next. It was pretty crazy because we were all alone in our room and then on wednesday we got 4 new sisters and on thursday we had to re-pack all our stuff and move it up one floor. It's pretty nice though because our heater wasn't working in our old room and our new one works great.

Portuguese and Spanish are really similar. Portuguese speakers can understand Spanish, but Spanish speakers can't understand Portuguese as well because it sounds like we are slurring all the words. So I guess to a spanish speaker it would sound like we had marbles in our mouths. Other than really early in the morning I am not cold. I had to grab an extra blanket when I was in the room without a heater, but now I'm great. I don't need anything to be sent. I have sufficient for my needs and I would just have to send it back when I left to make weight.
My Companion's name is Sister B... and she is the solo sister in her district. She has been here for 4 weeks longer than me and is waiting for her Visa to Brazil. If you could check on her Visa for me that would be great. We can't access that website either. Her name is D... If you could send me the link for the website lots of other missionaries are waiting for their Visa's and want to tell their parents what the site is so they can check it for them.

Lots of Love
Sister Mendenhall

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