Friday, November 23, 2012

Missionary News - Kelly

This week has been so awesome... everybody should be in the MTC for Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving Elder Holland came to be our speaker. Basically I'm disowning you all and the Hollands are now my family. He is such an amazing speaker and the way he treats his wife is really special. After the Holland Family Devotional we had Thanksgiving Linner and we did some more programs and a service project for people living in Mali. At the end of the day we watched 17 Miracles. I have never been in a building that had so many people crying throughout the day. During Elder Holland's talk we cried, during the program we cried (although it was more because it was slightly more ridiculous than cute to have a Thanksgiving Play), During the movie we cried. Even some of the Elders were crying. In fact an Elder in front of some of the other sisters in my Zone turned around and offered them the tissues that the sisters in his branch had given him. The MTC is just so Awesome. Then today we had P-Day and went to the Temple. By the time I get back in class I won't remember any Portuguese.

I got my Visa on Wednesday, and I'm leaving the US on Tuesday afternoon headed to Sao Paulo. My Companion got her Visa also and we are on the same flight. When we get to Sao Paulo we probably won't be companions anymore because she only has 2 weeks left and I have 6. They said I could call to let my family know, but I had class on Wednesday and we can't call on Holidays so you'll probably read this before I can call and tell you. I only get 5 minutes so it will be real short. I have to be in Sunday attire so after P-day I can go into the Administration building and call. That means sometime after 5 PM today hopefully.

Muitos amor

Sister Mendenhall

PS I only get one phone call I think... I can ask but I might not get to call both of you. Therefore, If I only get one, Minya Mai is the lucky one.

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