Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Missionary News - Kelly

We found a bakery nearby and it is pretty much amazing. So now within walking distance is a grocery store, a cookie shop, and a bakery. I don't think I'll suffer for want of chocolate (which incidentally is spelled the same way in Portuguese). We went to the temple today. The wall between the front desk and the waiting area is a stained-glass window on one side. The picture is of Christ's visit to the Americas. As I was sitting waiting for my companion to finish dressing (by the way I have a new one) It hit me... I'm in South America.
Sao Paulo is the biggest City I will ever see. Seriously It's HUGE! There are 5 Missions covering Sao Paulo. To go from the CTM to the temple it takes about an hour... and we are still in the same mission when we arrive.
They are doing construction on a big lot near the temple. When it was being built a lot of members wanted President Kimball to buy that lot too. President Kimball said that the lot was not meant for a church building and didn't buy it. A lot of people were really mad. All the buildings along that stretch have now been condemned to make room for the metro to come through. If the church had bought the land and built anything on it, the city would have torn it down for the metro. Instead the Temple, church building and distribution center will be right next to the metro and more people will be able to see and attend the temple so much more easily.
MTC stands for Missionary Training Center
CTM stands for Centor de Treinamento Missionario
Hopefully I will be able to send you a picture of my district at the temple. It has my old companions, my new companion, and my teacher, who wasn't my teacher for about 10 hours and then was my teacher again. Also I cannot call on Christmas and for a while it was up-in-the-air whether I would be able to e-mail, because my p-day is on Christmas and lots of the teachers would be gone. Sister Degn said that everyone gets to e-mail on Christmas though, so you will get one, but others will get to send one on christmas and another on their p-day.
Sister Kelly Marie Mendenhall

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