Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Missionary News - Kelly

I forgot that Tanner was engaged. Hope they gave him my love from Brasil.

My showed my teacher the pictures and he could tell who was which every time. He's pretty much amazing like that.

This past week has been good. I slept through the fireworks on New Years. Which apparently sounded like a war was going on outside, and people still look at me funny when I say that I didn't hear anything. We got to go to the temple today. We thought that 2 weeks ago was the last time because of the holidays, but they re-arranged the days and we went this morning. Our new investigator is pretty tough. He's an ex-missionary who no longer believes in the church or the book of mormon or Joseph Smith. However, the first meeting we talked and got to know him and then he dropped off the face of the CTM and no-one has taught him in a week. My companion and I think that we probably won't teach him again. We had our second Fire-alarm incident last night. President and Sister Degn saw a bunch of missionaries walking past their office 2 minutes before lights out in their pajamas, or shorts and tee shirts, and they said "what is going on?" But it wasn't WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!?? it was more like Missionaries perhaps you could tell us the reason that you are all out of bed in various stages of undress walking around the halls. Apparently the alarms on all the floors were going off but not the ground floor where their offices are and there wasn't a fire.

New years was great. They let us play ping pong, watch a movie and for snack we had brownies and ice cream.

Lots of Love
Sister Mendenhall

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