Monday, January 14, 2013

Missionary News - Kelly

Firstly...I´m alive
and living in Macapá. I left the CTM last tuesday and didn´t get chance to e-mail. My new area hasn´t had sisters in 3 years. To say the least it´s difficult to find houses because neither of us has ever been here. We started with the map and a list of addresses on a piece of paper, that turned out to be from the last set of sisters 3 years ago. How it survived this long I don´t know. We don´t have an area book or a ward roster. The zone leaders tell us everyday who we are having lunch with and how to get there. So basically we walk around all day looking for an address and hope that someone is home and that the next address on the same street is not to heck and gone. Also most of the streets have sign posts, but not at every intersection. I´m actually on your side of the world again. Macapá is right on the equator and IF i read the map correctly we are north of it. The amazon river is not in our area, but it is only a little distance away. I´m basically living in Arizona again it is hot hot hot. Except in Arizona I didn´t have to walk around all day, and Arizona didn´t rain for 2 days straight.

My trainer is really great and speaks about as much english as you do Portuguese...which is none. At times it is difficult because I don´t know the word in Portuguese and she doesn´t now it in English. You won´t believe the measures I´ve gone through to explain what I´m trying to say. Well, Keri probably could imagine. Her name is Sister C... from São Paulo. She only has 4 months left. She actually might go home earlier for a medical problem. In which case I will get a new trainer, or transfer to the area that my new trainer is in. Sister C... was very nervous to train me because She doesn´t know really any English. I think I´ve heard her say 2 words. However, everyone says that I speak Portuguese way better than is usual for less than a week in the field. Which I´m sure Sister C... is grateful for.

Also there are only 12 sisters in my mission. Next transfer there will be only 1 or 2 sisters that are not training or being trained. Which means that depending on the number of sisters that arrive the transfer after my training is done, I might be a trainer. Sister C... thinks I will be a trainer... please pray for me.
There wasn´t any mail waiting for me at the mission home, which means that unless I´m transfered closer I probably won´t get any mail for 3 months. I need a hymnbook in English. So if you remember, in the next package could you put a small one in there?
Lots of Love
Sister Mendenhall

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