Monday, January 21, 2013

Missionary News - Kelly

Unfortunately last week was rainy, and this week was hot. And I mean HOT hot. But a couple days we had some cloud cover and a nice breeze, so I´m browning nicely.

This past week has been so great. We heard back from President Scisci that he doesn´t know yet and he will talk to us about it on the 30th during our interviews. We have several investigators but about half have trouble with commitment. They don´t come to church and they say they want to get baptized and then the day before change their minds. Others just love to talk about Jesus Christ, but don´t have sufficient desire to change their lives by attending a different church, being baptized and not smoke or drink coffee. However, we have a couple investigators that are one step from the font. They are so ready to be baptized. One in particular is a co-worker of some members and was prepared by the Lord through them so much before we even met her. I think that she will get baptized very soon. Looking back at what I´ve written it doesn´t sound like a wonderful week. But I promise you that it was great. Every person on the earth can hear the gospel and choose for themselves to follow or to reject. I don´t have to remind myself of this as much anymore. My purpose truly is to invite others to come unto Christ, and the Lord takes care of the rest.

If you get a chance in my next box could you put some more garments. I found some wear marks in some of mine and by the time my birthday comes around I think I´ll need to replace some. I think 2 pair is fine. And I love the Spandex ones, but here we don´t have a dryer and the mesh wash easy and dry fast. So I´d rather have those. And maybe one size smaller the mesh seem a little bigger on me than my other ones.

Also our ward hasn´t had sister missionaries for a long time so at lunch yesterday the Sister that was feeding us kept saying Elders. And I was laughing because in the CTM some of the missionaries have name tags from past missionaries in their families with the same name. But I can´t use them because all of them are Elder Mendenhall´s.

Lots of Love
Sister Mendenhall

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Krystal and Bruce said...

she is already wearing out her g's. I have had mine going on 3 years and on my 2nd pregnancy. What is that girl doing in them? lol I love reading her updates.


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