Monday, January 28, 2013

Missionary News - Kelly

I took an airplane to get to Macapá. but the airport is really small they only have like 4 flights a day and 2 of them are around midnight. Pretty much all the missionaries arrive in their area by airplane or taxi, but some areas are right on the river so to actually work they use boats. Macapá is fairly large to walk, but probably only an hour or so to drive from end to end. It´s long and skinny. There are lots of mango trees everywhere and pretty much every meal with the members has acaí or other fruit. I haven´t seen any monkeys yet, and birds are pretty scarce too, I guess the "pigeons" of Macapá would have to be the ants. I haven´t entered a building yet that has air conditioning, and almost all the windows are open, with shutters for privacy. So all the bugs have more or less free rein of the place. The ants are everywhere, luckily only where there is food, so if we keep all of our stuff closed up, we don´t have an ant problem.

My roommate and one-week companion used to work at Disney World. She almost made me want to work there after the mission. She loves Disney so much, but sometimes she´ll say things like, I hate sleeping beauty, she is so rude, or Tigger is my best friend, he is so funny. And she really means the actors, not the characters.

What are you going to do with all those people in the house? The population is going to triple lol.

This past week has been pretty rough. All of our investigators either dropped us, are never home for our appointments, or didn´t come to church on Sunday. It is just so sad to see people learn what is right, but not have the desire to change their lives. We had a baptism on Saturday. This Investigator actually dropped us earlier and we passed by her house to see how she was doing and invite her to church with us last Sunday. She was so ready to go to church again and even though her family doesn´t support her, and her aunt tried to convince her that she wasn´t ready, she recommitted to baptism and was baptised and confirmed. I don´t think I have ever prayed so hard in my life as when we went to pick her up for the baptism and she was at her aunts house. I was so afraid that her aunt would convince her not to go through with it, but all was well.

Lots of love
Sister Mendenhall

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