Monday, February 4, 2013

Missionary News - Kelly

Mommy!!! Thanks so much for my Christmas present. I definitely won´t need any more socks or memory cards. The pocket watch is beautiful. Is it functional or decoration? I think the battery needs to be replaced, but Elder C... said I can just go to any place that sells watches and ask them to open the back and swap out the battery. Sadly, I probably won´t take it out of the house, I don´t want it to get stolen. Sister C... asked me how I´m living out of only one suitcase. Apparently everyone arrives with more than one suitcase and just pays for the extra bag every transfer by air. Plus I can have my big one, and a little carry-on, my backpack doesn´t count, so in the next couple of weeks I´ll probably buy a little one, so don´t worry if you see a slightly bigger withdrawal or charge on my account. With this extra bag I can have more weight so you can send me that photo album you were telling me about. My companion is still my trainer. Presidente Scisci has been praying and fasting, but he still doesn´t know so we have to wait for transfers. We have a washing machine, but it just spins the water around and then we have to drain it. Not exactly really clean, but if we use enough soap it´s sufficient. Our house has one bedroom a bathroom a kitchen with the washer in it. our desks are in the entry way. It´s just me and Sister C... Our District is Us and The zone leaders. They do all the interviews and the baptisms. Our zone has 13 missionaries in it. basically each companionship is a district, except us because we are sisters, the only sisters in the entire state of Amapá as a matter of fact. We have zone conference every week, and on P-day we sometimes see the other missionaries near us at the cyber for e-mailing. Other than that it´s usually just me and Sister C... Today we are planning to get together with a member and the other elders near us and visit Fortaleza. Not the Mission, I think it´s a fort near the amazon. And next P-day we might get to play volleyball, if the other Elders in our zone want to travel all the way here 2X in one week.

This week has been pretty rough. We are trying to focus on new investigators. We waste a lot of time on people who say they will go to church, and want to get baptized, but then never do. We want to focus on finding those people who are prepared to progress, and change their lives. Our goal was to get 10 new investigators this week. It was rough because we had been focusing on our current investigators and we had 3 days to get 10 new ones. Plus it was raining and for some strange reason no-one wants to sit out in the rain and wait for us to pass by. We only got 7 new investigators. But 4 of them already had visited the church once, they just need to visit again on sunday to be baptized.

Lots of Love
Sister Mendenhall

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