Monday, March 25, 2013

Missionary News - Kelly

WOW que chici!! You got the high teck ones that know what you´re looking at and adjust automatically lol. Next you´ll have a super suit too.
So I told Jared about the Liahona also and he said that he had already read it and I was like WHAT? how is that even possible, they haven´t even printed it maybe they meant to say May...sorry. When we get the issue that has the special something I´ll let you know. lol
This week we received a reference for a girl that was not a very likely candidate for baptism. But we went anyway for a visit with her and her family. They´re going to be a tough one, BUT now we are teaching practically the whole neighborhood. We met a couple of the kids on the street started talking to them and they were like lets go get so-and-so too. We met with their parents to schedule a time to teach them as a family and as a result we have 20 new investigators just this week. The Lord really works through every means possible to help those who are ready.
Lots of Love
Sister Mendenhall
finally some pictures!!
These are my companions:
MTC she is serving in São Paolo East
Companion #3 (serving in Maceo), Companion #2 and 2.5 (both serving in Brasilia)
Trainer #1
Trainer #2 (This is the least silly picture of us together, I think you know what that means
Some are from Flagstaff going through the MTC at the same time.
What luck that we even saw each other with all the people there.
Some random guy that plays the organ at the MTC
(also named Mendenhall)
At the CTM with Taylor Stinnett

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