Monday, April 1, 2013

Missionary News - Kelly

Wo wo wo unto you.  Don´t get ahead of yourself.  Only the most experienced and wisest of people can mix punch flavors effectively.  I´m pretty sure it´s in the Doctrine and Covenants somewhere.  Did you also make a poster?  And give it a cool mix-ed name?  I think maybe you need to read the scriptures more.

In other news I´m sitting in front of this computer writing to jeans.  Yep thats right.  And it´s not even fubecagem.  This truly is the missão de milagres.  And because we completed our goal for march so we get to leave the house in normal clothes.

Conference will be at the stake center, which happens to be where my ward meets.  And I think that the sessions are 1 and 6 with the Priesthood session at 7 in the morning on sunday.  I´m not sure if it will be live or just a little bit later.  Mostly because they need to translate the talks into Portuguese.  I think I can watch it in English if I want.

Lots of Love
Sister Mendenhall

I think my makeup is the wrong number now. lol

Standing on Latitude line 000 (that would be the equator)

Just a boat on the Amazon River.

Just me and my really does stand by itself on the equator.

This one turned out super cool

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