Monday, April 8, 2013

Missionary News - Kelly

Fubecagem....umm  how can I explain.  When someone is not following the mission rules, they are a Fubeca.  The act of not following the rules is Fubecagem.
This week was pretty awesome.  We were running around the city inviting people to go to conference.  Unfortunately only one came.  And I had to watch it in Portuguese because the channel that was broadcasting in English was broken.  So the only thing I learned is that Elder Scott is one of the favorite speakers in Brasil because he records his talk in Portuguese and they play the recording instead of a live translator.  What an expression of love for the Portuguese speaking members.  I bet that Elder Uchtdorf does the same in German.  So unfortunately I have no idea what your references mean. except that I did understand that President Monson started a fire with matches, but I´m not sure why he was telling us about his criminal days.
Lots of Love
Sister Mendenhall

Arrrg...shiver me timbers....but it´s not even a pirate ship, its some kind of building.  What kind of person builds a building in the middle of the harbor AND has the audacity to make it look like pirate ship at just the right angle?  That´s just rude.

And we had a little trouble arriving at peoples houses one day.

My Awesomeness is seeping into Brasil...except they got around the copyright by calling it Kellness lol

Finally had a P-day in normal clothes and what do we do? Why, we went adventuring, that's what.

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