Monday, April 15, 2013

Missionary News - Kelly

Some places have more mosquitos than others.  The Lord is kind and our house doesn´t have more than 3 at a time.  The lakes...weeeeeeeeellllll.  They´re pretty much everywhere.  Even when it´s not raining.  Some people are living above the lakes on stilts and when we can´t go around....we wash our feet afterwards.  That is literally not a joke.

This week has been so frustrating.  Pretty much all of our investigators are throwing themselves off the boat.  they just don´t really care to change their lives.  One man who really wants to enter the church building, not because he feels it´s the house of the Lord, but because he is curious.  He can´t make it to church at the time our ward meet so we made an appointment to visit a different ward with him yeasterday.  we passed his house on the way to the building, and he was all prepared and leaving for church, and what does he do? he encounters his former pastor on the way and decides to go to church with him and leaves us waiting at the church building for 2 hours.  that´s just the rudest thing that´s ever happened to me.

On the bright side, one of our former investigators was at church yesterday after more than a month of no contact.  This woman is amazing, why won´t that man just marry her so she can be baptized?

Lots of Love
Sister Mendenhall

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