Monday, April 22, 2013

Missionary News - Kelly

Sounds like you´re going to have a monte of people in the glendale house for a while. lol If Andrew moves to Utah he can see me as I pass through the airport. That is IF I pass through the airport, we have 7 more months before we find out my travel plans. I got the hymnbook, but I´m still waiting for the next mail run to Belém for any more. I have a mountain of letters to send, but all the post offices near us keep closing, so when we go to the busness district today we´re hoping the main post office didn´t close too. Otherwise you all will just keep waiting for answers to your letters. The family of an Elder who is leaving this transfer is arriving here today. Needless to say it´s going to be crazy with a whole bunch of Americans running around town not knowing Portuguese.

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