Monday, March 24, 2014

Missionary News - Kelly

yeah right... that would be a fiasco... I think you must be Brasilian at heart.  Here they don´t send there kids off to get their own apartment and live their own lives. they just build a house for them in the backyard or the front yard or on top of the house or on the side of the house. So basically it´s wall-to-wall houses and everyone on the same street is related.  

The Gordon Family is Grandma Nettie right?
I don´t know why I haven´t learned yet... but I need to start carrying that photo album you sent me cause EVERY area people ask... do you have pictures of your family?  Wait you have a twin... I don´t believe you. where are the photos?  but in the mission bag everything get crushed or wet or dirty so I don´t carry it around with me everywhere. And everytime someone asks.... I don´t have it lol

Lots of Love
Sister Mendenhall

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