Monday, March 31, 2014

Missionary News - Kelly

Bad news:  We are once again waiting to hear what will happen for transfers tomorrow
Good news:  This is the last time I will have to wonder what will happen for transfers. :)

Only 5 more weeks... I hope everybody already asked for the day off cause I hope to see all of you there at the airport.

If I give you my password can you put an ad on my facebook for me?  I want you to put my flight plans (just the times) of when I´ll arrive in the airports

São Paulo 19:00-21:55   (Cause I have Brasilian companions I could see there)
Atlanta      06:45-11:05   (Not really expecting to know anyone there...but it could happen)
Phoenix    12:21            (Everyone I know)

If you manage to Google translate it into Portuguese for my brasilian friends... that would be super

Lots of Love
Kelly Mendenhall

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