Monday, January 13, 2014

Missionary News - Kelly

The only information I have is that he arrived in the Brasil Belém mission in 2000 so if he served at 19 he was born in 1981 or a little earlier if he was older like 1975. Other than that I got nothin.
That Liahona was supposed to have a picture of me in it....but I think another story was more interesting or they don´t know who I am...yet.
This week was transfers and I´m in the same area but with a different companion. She is super great. We met a man that sells food on the street. Here they put up a little shack and sell sandwiches and burgers and french fries. He sells what they call coxinha which is like a fried shredded chicken ball of deliciousness. We stopped and talked with him and some man came up to buy some food and the vendor was like "NO can´t you see that I´m hearing the word of God...These aren´t for selling!" And the other guy was like "You´re not selling these?" and he said "NO" hahaha we are still cracking up everytime we replay that street contact.
Lots of Love
Sister Mendenhall

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